Current Projects

  • Ina

    6-part series

    Creator: Rachel Maxine Anderson

    When an ambitious daytime TV producer is left with no choice but to cast her estranged Filipino mother as the star of her new cooking show, they’re forced to understand better all the reasons why they were first driven apart before they can ultimately find a way back to each other.

  • Signum


    Creators: Hannah Ariotti, Laura McArdle and Lucas Tomoana

    A woman fights for survival when she finds an erotic replica of herself in her ex-husband’s home. 

  • Outback Angels

    Period drama series

    Writer/Producer: Simon Kennedy, Producers: Rod Hopping, Jason Pamer, Brian Bird

    To avoid answering the proposal of a man she once loved, a young nurse suffering from shell shock after World War I travels from her home of Gympie to a settlement in the Australian Outback where she will provide the only medical aid for 800 miles. Based on true stories.

  • Parental Guidance

    Comedy series

    Creator: Laura McArdle, EP: Nick Boshier

    A 30-something actor returns from Hollywood to Brisbane, Australia, to get a husband, a real job, and her conservative parents’ respect.

  • Evergreen


    Writer/Producer: James Greville, Director: Hayley MacFarlane

    Two estranged elderly sisters from North Queensland reunite for a road trip to Nimbin, overcoming vast ideological differences in a quest to find relief from chronic pain.

  • Waiting Room

    Feature documentary

    Director/Producer: Amy Parry, EP: Emma Dean

    Waiting Room follows Queensland singer/songwiter Emma Dean as she navigates her fourth round of IVF at the same time as she launches Shape Of A Girl, an album drawn from her infertility journey. When the IVF round fails, Emma is faced with the choice of whether to continue to pursue motherhood - and if it will cost her the continuation of her 20-year music career. 

Completed Projects

(Under Loveology Films/production partners)

  • Winding Road

    Scripted podcast series

    WINDING ROAD is an Audible Australia Original narrative podcast styled as true crime. In 8 x 30 minute episodes (plus two bonus episodes), WINDING ROAD explores the events of a fateful long weekend in the Maleny hinterlands where obsession, family loyalties and a famous unsolved disappearance collide with devastating consequences.

    Starring Dacre Montgomery, Yael Stone, David Berry, Noni Hazlehurst, Anna McGahan, Bernard Fanning and Gabrielle Rogers, with original music performed by Bernard Fanning and Elana Stone and with special guest Clem Ford.

  • Liquid Moonlight


    Flickerfest 2021 Premiere

    An Australian astronaut completing the final stages of her training before launching on a mission to the moon, struggles to end her breastfeeding relationship with her baby.

  • My Body Says

    Documentary series

    Mama Bear Productions, ABC Australia, 2020

    Four physically diverse people examine their bodies in front of a mirror to discover the stories, experiences and secrets that are documented in their flesh.

  • And The Winner Is


    Screen Queensland Original, Screamfest 2018 Premiere

    When tennis champion and international superstar Stanley finds himself caught in the midst of a public scandal, he's left with no other choice but to seek out the very best in the world of PR and crisis management. Company representative Anja promises Stanley he's come to the right place: their service offers full redemption, in exchange for his commitment to the process - no matter the direction it takes. A desperate Stanley agrees. What begins as an undefined stint in isolation slowly descends into a living nightmare as Stanley is 'triggered' by memories from the night of the incident. Driven to destruction, it's only when Stanley comes face to face with his darkest moment that he's pushed further beyond his limits than he ever expected - and met with the most unforeseen of consequences as he pays the ultimate price for freedom.

  • Decommissioned


    Screen Queensland/Epic Games, Perception Pictures, 2021

    An astronaut encounters a terrifying anomaly approaching the International Space Station.